EPSC 2013


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Astri Polska, FASTER partner, took part in the European Planetary Science Congress 2013 that took place at University College London from 8th till 13th September 2013.


The location produced an excellent scientific forum, and provided an attractive platform to exchange and present results, develop new ideas and to network the planetary science community in Europe. It continued to have a distinctively interactive style, with a mix of talks, workshops and posters, which provided a stimulating environment for the community to meet.


The meeting covered the whole scope of planetary science providing plenty of opportunities to network in a relaxing atmosphere. The FASTER project was presented to the congress participants during the poster session. The poster presented the results for the project in the scope of data fusion for trafficability assessment. (To see the poster, please click here.)


For the first time, EPSC included an Industry Day on Wednesday 11 September 2013. The program included sessions focused on industry associated with planetary science, as well as the stakeholders that shape space policy and future roadmaps for the field.


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