EPSC 2014


Project FASTER participated in The European Planetary Science Congress 2014 (EPSC) which took place at the Centro de Congressos do Estoril, Cascais, Portugal, 07 – 12 September 2014. The whole project was presented there by the three partners Astri Polska (ASP), DFKI, LUIQUIFER who were participating in the event.

During the project session issues of  Remote Sensing of Martian Terrain Hazards via Visually Salient Feature Detection, Examination of recent Martian rovers data for supporting the planetary terrain trafficability assessment techniques and algorithms development as well Development of the FASTER Wheeled Bevameter and last but not least Scout Rover Applications for Forward Acquisition of Soil and Terrain Data were presented. The entire session ended with a discussion.


FASTER session was the first open opportunity to present the preliminary results of the FASTER project to scientific community. Interested conference attendees had a unique chance to discuss project issues face to face with the Consortium members.


Pictures from the event can be found here.