FASTER Partners met at the turn of March and April at Airbus DC facilities for first integration week


On 31st March 2014 ASP, LIQUIFER and UoS partners met at UoS laboratory to introduce some changes in WB HW and to test sensor with new configuration. ASP was  also working on communication between WB hardware and new ROS driver.


Second day at Airbus Stevenage Mars-Yard passed on Bridget rover basic interfaces integration. The WB was integrated mechanically, electrically and the ROS software performed first automatic tasks. SAS made first rover traverses by his BLS software and received telemetry from robot. Additionally UoS was mapping soil parameters for characterisation of Mars-Yard mobility conditions.

On the following day cameras were integrated and performed first complex trials to log sensor data. The WB sensor was performing measurements automatically under ROS control and over obstacle course. ASP and SAS tested ROS odometry node and UoS log data for RS offline testing.

Moreover, during both days ay Airbus DS, technical issues and near future integration tasks were discussed.


Everything that was planned was implemented and the first integration meeting was completed successfully.