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The Surrey Space Centre (SSC) is a world leading research centre in space systems and small satellite engineering at the University of Surrey (UoS). The University of Surrey is one of the few universities, which has an end-to-end space design capability to conceive, design, implement and operate space concepts. SSC has close collaboration with the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd and EADS Astrium. SSC is actively involved in the development of many robot system technologies such as: micro-rovers, robot manipulators, pin-point planetary landers, lunar orbiters and penetrators and aerobots. Surrey is participating in a few studies related to the ExoMars mission and is actively involved in developing wheeled, legged and tracked micro-rover technology. The Geotechnics Research Group is based in the Division of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (CCE) at the University of Surrey. Current research interests of the geotechnical research group include numerical soil mechanics, soil remediation and environmental soil mechanics, and extra-terrestrial geomechanics. The group has significant experience in field and experimental studies and has over the years undertaken projects in surface wave geophysics, very small and small strain stiffness behaviour of soils and weak rocks, ground energy systems and the characterization of soils for use as Martian simulants.




Dr. C. Saaj is the Technical Manager for FASTER and UoS will be leading WP4 and WP7. Dr. M. Matthews will contribute to the development of the micro-soil sensor probe and associated geotechnical research. UoS will be responsible for the integration and testing of the soil sensor probe and soil sensor on board the scout rover and main rover respectively. In addition to these tasks, Dr. Y. Gao will be leading a few tasks related to mission planning and autonomy for co-operative operation of rovers. Dr. Underwood will support task related to remote sensing and Dr. V. Lappas will support integration work.




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