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Astrium Satellites, part of the multi-national EADS group, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of satellite systems. The EOS (Earth Observation & Science) part of Astrium focuses on satellites and space technology for earth observation, science, navigation and exploration. The UK (Astrium Ltd) groups have a particular focus on robotic (unmanned) planetary exploration activities.




Astrium Ltd’s core role is to provide a test-bed Mars rover prototype vehicle (called “Bridget”). This will be adapted for, and interfaced to, the soil sensors and scout rover that will be developed by other partners. The final system validation field-trials will be planned and led by Astrium Ltd, using the Bridget rover prototype. Other roles in the project include providing system-level requirements for Martian exploration and providing inputs to other partners on the system engineering of the FASTER soil-sensing systems with Mars rovers.




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