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Space Applications Services NV (aka SpaceApps) is an independent company founded in 1987. The company aim is to research and develop innovative systems, solutions and products for the aerospace markets and related industries. The company headquarters are located in Zaventem. Since 2004, the company has a subsidiary named Aerospace Applications North America Incorporated established in Houston in the United States of America. The company’s main business covers manned and unmanned spacecraft and launch/re-entry vehicle programmes, air traffic management, design of HMI, Virtual Reality applications and robotics.




Based on its experience and capabilities, SpaceApps will take prime responsibility for the execution of the activities related to robot collaboration and autonomy including mission planning, as well as software engineering (architecture and integration). As such it will lead WPs 3 and 6, and participate in specific subtasks of the other WPs.




Jeremi Gancet
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