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Astri Polska Sp. z o.o. is a research and development company working in satellite and space technology branch. Our mission is to support space industry development in Poland in cooperation with institutes and companies both from public and private sector. Branches in which Astri specializes include electronics, optoelectronics, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), satellite observation, robotics and materials science. Astri Polska closely cooperates with ESA (European Space Agency) by realisation of Technology Transfer Programme within European representatives network.

Thanks to close cooperation with our shareholders, the company as a first in Poland offers integrated satellite applications that join localisation and three-dimensional technologies, environmental protection, precision agriculture, modern forest management and others. Astri Polska is a private-public partnership brought into life by European aeronautic and spatial concern Astrium and Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences in September 2010.




Astri Polska is a leader of WP9: Dissemination and Oureach wihich will be continued along whole duration of the study. It is main responsibilities are:
To promote European space R&D activities worldwide in order to strengthen the European position in the world space technologies sector
To assure smooth and effective project-related dissemination, exchange and feedback of information to external interested parties including the EC bodies and among the consortium members
To produce of outreach material which can be published in various media and is especially created for the general public to make the project and its framework publicly visible
Astri Polska is also involved in project elaboration requirements, related mainly to soil sensor part (WP2.2 and WP3.1) and will compare the effectiveness of the penetrometer developed in the project together with the penetrometers developed by our group (WP4.6)




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